Homeless. A new opportunity

The Future Project has been envisaged to help those in difficulty and forced to take shelter in Milan Linate Airport during the night to find a place of welcome from which to try to rebuild their lives. The project is undertaken in partnership between SEA, the City of Milan and Progetto Arca.

A shelter at the airport 

As often happens, opportunities emerge from criticalities. During 2017, the television program ‘Striscia la Notizia’ revealed an emergency situation regarding homeless people spending the night at Linate Airport, where a group of criminals had been extorting them and demanding money for blankets and ‘bed spaces’. The police succeeded in arresting the criminals and a special airport surveillance was activated to keep the homeless away from the airport during night hours.

A group of criminals, now arrested, had been extorting homeless people spending the night at Linate Airport

A Linate un problema si è trasformato in opportunità

Towards a new home

Following the television program ‘Striscia la Notizia’, the will of SEA to find a solution to not deprive the homeless of a shelter for the night, with support from the City of Milan, and the involvement of the foundation Fondazione Arca, specialized in first assistance, led to the creation of a new reception centre in Milan.

A former library made available by the municipality, initially used for winter emergencies, has been developed into a reception centre for full social reintegration.

The centre offers its guests, in addition to essential basic services, the assistance of a team of professionals, including psychologists and social workers, to support them in returning to self-sufficiency and autonomy.