Malpensa loves art: Porta di Milano and SEArt Lab

The intercontinental airport of Milan Malpensa proposes itself as a meeting place for art, with exhibitions by established artists in the Porta di Milano space flanked by the innovative SEArt Lab works created by SEA personnel.

Whether arriving or departing, airports are places for crossing borders and welcoming the new. SEA manages its airports to bring them ever closer to the territories they serve. This commitment includes the exploration of cultural aspects not directly linked to its operational activities, such as art.
What results is a richer airport, not just as a place of transit, but as a place to experience.

When art enters its halls, what results is a richer airport, a place to experience

Porta di Milano

Milan Malpensa’s has had a fruitful 7-year relationship with the art world. With the construction of the welcoming gateway ‘Porta di Milano’, Milan Malpensa Terminal 1 gained an art exhibition space where travellers have been able to admire works by great masters, such as Fausto Melotti, Marino Marini, Gio Ponti, Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, and contemporary artists, such as Helidon Xhixha, Carlo Bernardini and Alessandro Busci.

The Porta di Milano gateway has allowed Milan Malpensa travellers to admire works by Marino Marini, Gio Ponti and Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, among others

SEArt Lab, creativity made in SEA

Another step in defining a new airport dimension comes from Milan Malpensa’s Call4Artists project. Launched in 2016, the program is designed to stimulate the creativity of SEA personnel by offering - in the SEArt Lab exhibition space - a place for expressing themselves as painters, graphic designers and photographers and showing off their work in an authentic setting open to passengers and the public.

The SEArt Lab offers people working at SEA a space for expressing themselves as painters, graphic designers and photographers