SEA4GOOD: SEA’s social commitment

From supporting social projects selected by SEA people to the Telethon: the Group makes a daily commitment to those most in need.

airport pet therapy

The way to get an airport to generate added value is to allow people and the community not only to use it, but to experience and live it. This is why SEA has been involved for some time in a range of social projects and benefit initiatives designed to create ever closer relations with the territory, to transform its values into concrete actions and results and to make the airport welcoming, accessible and attentive to everyone's needs.

SEA has long been committed to building living airports

Telethon, a long-standing partnership

Telethon needs no introduction in Italy. It is one of the largest national charities raising money, since 1990, for the promotion and financing of advanced biomedical research with the ambitious aim of developing treatments for rare genetic diseases.

Telethon’s numbers tell a story of great success, with over Euro 475 million invested in research, 2,600 projects and 1,600 researchers funded and more than 540 diseases studied.

SEA has been a Telethon partner since 2008. Over the years, the Group has collected and donated over Euro 513,000

It’s a story to which SEA has given, and continues to give, its own contribution. The Group has supported Telethon ever since 2008, and has, over the years, organized and participated in a range of initiatives, raising over Euro 513,000 for research into rare diseases.

The Social Challenge: a relationship with the territory and local communities starts from within the company

Now in its third edition in 2017, The Social Challenge is a program to support social initiatives through the engagement of all SEA personnel.

Social projects are identified, selected and financed through a participative process in which SEA personnel propose non-profit organizations to work with in the provinces of Milan and Varese. After the positive opinion of an Assessment Committee, all SEA personnel can then vote online for the 7 programs they want financed.

Euro 10,000 of funding each for 7 social projects in partnership with local non-profit organizations selected by all SEA personnel: this is “The Social Challenge”

In 2017, 106 candidate projects were proposed, of which 68 in the Province of Milan and 38 in the Province of Varese. Over 700 voters participated in selecting, with the 7 associations to be awarded financing of as much as Euro 10,000 each.

An airport for everyone: the “Autism - a journey through the Airport” project

In today's world, offering mobility to people means giving them a chance to build a better life for themselves. The airport operator therefore assumes a role of responsibility and has the power to directly improve the quality of life of various communities. Well aware of this, SEA has long been committed to improving the accessibility of its airports for passengers with disabilities.

The ‘Autism - a journey through the Airport’ project was conceived by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC), in collaboration with the Italian airport operators’ association Assaeroporti, and joined by SEA with great conviction, in order to make life increasingly easier and enjoyable for those with autism.

SEA has long been committed to improving the accessibility of its airports for passengers with disabilities

The aim of the project is to allow passengers with autism to experience air travel with greater serenity. For this purpose, in collaboration with long-standing autism associations, SEA has produced and published on its website a series of informative materials, accompanied by pictures and explanatory captions, so that passengers can read up on what they will experience on travelling through the Milanese airports. In addition, from the beginning of 2017, passengers with autism may request a special guided visit to Milan Malpensa Airport, before their date of travel, so that they can familiarize themselves with the environment they will face on departure day.

Pet Therapy to drive away flight anxiety

Although the experience of traveling by plane is not as rare as in the past, even today there is no shortage of people for whom take-off provokes anxiety and fear. In order to make the airport more relaxing and to help passengers face the journey as a positive experience to remember, SEA re-launched, again in 2017, the Pet Therapy project that had been so successful in previous years.

SEA4GOOD: l’impegno sociale di SEA

According to recent studies, the company of an animal has positive effects on mood.
Pet therapy reduces the flight anxiety of both adults and children.

On various occasions, such as Christmas, Easter and during the summer holidays, the boarding areas of Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa airports have welcomed four-legged friends of the non-profit therapeutic animal association Associazione Animali Terapeuti Onlus, accompanied by their trainers and eliciting great interest from passengers and excitement among children.

At the Milan airports, as part of the Family Friendly Airport program, Pet Therapy aims to improve passengers' customer experience. Indeed, according to recent studies, the company of animals has positive psychological effects on mood, self-esteem, self-control, anxiety reduction, stress and insomnia, for both adults and children.