Times change and so do we (and our employees)

Personnel re-qualification

Over recent years, the market has presented us with many challenges, some with particularly difficult decisions to take, in order to safeguard our business and the people who work for us.

We are creating a new SEA, enhanced by modern professionalism and renewed skills

Managing this complexity has enabled us to evolve into a renewed, stronger and more competitive company.

One of the founding values of our business is the ability to adapt to change rather than resist it. This also engages every single employee who chooses to participate in our mission.

Riqualifica del personale

We do not oppose change, we interpret it and respond to emerging needs

Following the difficult decision to cease some of our activities, we began the retraining of around 90 employees from various company departments. They were asked to share and rise to this new challenge, by agreeing on a new career development path. Everyone’s commitment, ability to adapt and willingness to find novel solutions to face the changing times have safeguarded full employment, and for this we are extremely thankful to all.

The commitment of our people to redefining their professionalism has safeguarded full employment at a critical moment of corporate transformation.

SEA – ahead of everything else – is the group of people who work for us. Their resilience, their courage in rising to the challenge and the passion they invest in their every day-work mean that our company is, in turn, resilient, proactive and capable of facing the critical issues of today’s complex airport sector.