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The value of people: SEA is Top Employer 2018

SEA was awarded Top Employer 2018, a certificate of excellence in HR.

This is the outcome of policies that for years have invested in the value of workers and the building of an increasingly stimulating work environment, attentive to the well-being of people.

SEA è Top Employer 2018

Welfare policies in SEA have a long tradition and represent an essential element of cohesion between SEA and its people.

SEA Welfare has undergone profound renewal over recent years

Traditionally focused on families, through a plurality of services attentive to child-rearing, Welfare SEA has undergone profound renewal in recent years.

New corporate welfare projects are born from listening 

On the basis of staff-addressed analysis and surveying, the welfare system has been re-centred on the somewhat socially and personally changed current needs and expectations of the company population.

Alongside consolidated welfare initiatives, several innovative projects have been activated to respond to new needs, such as providing care and assistance to non self-sufficient family members and assisting in the educational and professional orientation of older children during their studies.

Regarding the first new emerging need of help in giving family members care and assistance, SEA has delivered a concrete and immediate response through its project entitled Fragibilità. This is a tool that provides help to those who, in addition to their work, have to face the difficult and delicate task of caring for someone at home and need “all the capacity to face frailty”.

Colleagues can ask for free support in searching for specialized service providers, such as elderly and disabled transport, home care, family relief services and home nursing, from a network of over 200 social service providers across Italy, with a guarantee of high quality standards and standardised rates.

“Fragibilità” and the Solidarity Time Bank: projects designed to help those facing difficult family circumstances after work

To complement this sensitivity towards people facing difficult family situations, SEA has also introduced the ‘Solidarity Time Bank’ initiative. This gives the opportunity to staff to voluntarily donate paid leave to their colleagues to help them care for children or other family members in greater need. SEA then adds 50% more to each and every donation.

Educational orientation and scholarships: committed to the future of young people

SEA’s Future Lab initiative has created a space in which employees can find services for the educational and professional orientation of their children, from school right up to university.

In addition to providing traditional scholarships, SEA has supported a range of individual projects, including “Push to Open” orientation courses, which provide parents and children with suitable tools for making the right choice of university, and, from 2017, of secondary school.

A further welfare innovation has been implemented through a platform for managing flexible benefits, offering provisions to meet all the needs of the family in terms of sports, education, culture, leisure and health. SEA’s commitment to innovation and listening to the needs of its people continues to improve the life and work quality of all.

Smart-working: for a better balance between work and private life

To promote organizational well-being for people, giving them flexibility and responsibility, the company grants those that request it the opportunity to work part-time, either with a reduction in day length or in the number of days worked, and has increased flexibility in starting hours for non-shift workers from 8.30 to 10.30 am.
Highlighting the particular importance of organizational innovation in balancing work and life, and the company’s commitment to experimenting with new methodologies, is a Smart Working pilot project involving 150 employees set to take place throughout 2018.

Top Employer: a recognition that rewards commitment to change

An important achievement, giving us a strong incentive to continue our mission, was the award of Top Employer certification by the Top Employers Institute, an independent organization that analyses the working conditions, practices and processes of major companies all over the world and evaluates them according to recognized international standards.

SEA has been certified as Top Employer 2017 by the Top Employers Institute

The certification is a recognition of the great change everyone in SEA is contributing to in order to improve the work environment. It is also a stimulus to continue on this path of constant improvement.