The world has noticed Milan, as confirmed by City RepTrak* research, carried out by the Reputation Institute in 2017, which ranks the world’s leading cities. More than Rome and Venice, the Lombardy capital is the most attractive face of Italy today.

A re-birth owing to many factors

Milano desiderata dal mondo

Over recent years, Milan’s international reputation has grown exponentially.

It’s a success story built partly on the foundations of 2015’s Expo, but even more so on the city’s constant desire to tell its story to the world, to look to the future, to experiment, innovate and invent. This is no whim of destiny, but rather the blossoming of a focused plan that has driven Milan from 21st place in the rankings right up into the top ten of the most attractive cities worldwide in 2017.

Desirable, and easily reachable

Milan is experiencing one of the most exciting moments of its recent history. Riding the wave of recovery, after years of global economic crisis, this beautiful, attractive city, where art and culture have regained their centrality in society, is now freely flaunting all it has to offer. And Milan today could not be more accessible. As a truly modern and international city, with all the best infrastructure and transport, it demonstrates eminently that, in order to obtain international recognition, a city has to truly know how to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Milano desiderata dal mondo

The city is now known as a place that satisfies the desires of its visitors. And it has opened up to the whole world, thanks to its accommodating airports


* City RepTrak® - Annual Ranking of Most Reputable Cities Worldwide