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Commercial Aviation

The Commercial Aviation business unit includes Aviation and Non-Aviation operations.

Aviation Activities: The mission is to develop the business of airlines and to increase the connectivity of our airports through the opening of new routes and the strengthening of existing ones.
This requires knowledge of both passenger and cargo air transport development dynamics through technical analysis of the potential of target markets.

Non-Aviation Activities: These involve commercial services aimed at passengers, operators and airport visitors. The goal, in recent years, has been to make airport shopping increasingly attractive through the development of new solutions and the enhancement of the relationship with travellers.

A concrete example is the new Piazza del Lusso - Luxury Plaza, where an exclusive shopping experience is combined with a tribute to the city of Milan through the elegance and style that it is famous for. This focus on customer experience is just one example of a clear change in pace in services that SEA is looking to offer to its passengers and customers.

COMMERCIAL AVIATION (in Euro thousands)Year 2017Year 2016
Ricavi di gestione 670,856 625,870
EBITDA 233,435 226,076
EBIT 121,800 144,873


AVIATION REVENUES (in Euro thousands)Year 2017Year 2016
Revenues 443,593 408,970


NON-AVIATION REVENUES (in Euro thousands)Year 2017Year 2016
Revenues 227,263 216,900


PASSENGER MOVEMENTS (1)Year 2017% vs 2016
Malpensa 22,037.2 14.1%
Linate 9,503.1 -1.4%
Total commercial traffic  31,540.3 9.0%

1 Arriving + departing passengers in thousands

General Aviation

Queue-less security checks and every comfort to put customers completely at ease during waiting times.

The General Aviation business unit is divided between General Aviation and General Aviation Handling activities.

Milan Linate Prime is the General Aviation terminal dedicated to VIP and business travellers and exclusive jets, with queue-less security checks and every comfort to put customers completely at ease during waiting times. In 2017, 22 thousand aircraft movements accounted for over 15,000 passengers.

(in Euro thousands)Year 2017Year 2016
Operating revenues 12,124 11,750
EBITDA 7,867 6,727
EBIT 5,481 4,907


The Energy business unit, with its production plants, ensures that Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate airports are completely self-sufficient in terms of energy. Not only that, they are also able to provide energy to other major Italian airports, such as Naples, Turin and Alghero, and to another 5,000 supply points across the country, reached through the national grid.

Our energy sector commitment has an economic return, but, above all, great significance in environmental terms

The airport production plant differ in type of supply. Milan Malpensa produces electricity, heat and chilled water, while Milan Linate produces electricity and heating, both for energy self-sufficiency and sales. This commitment not only has an economic return, but is critical in mitigating environmental concerns. Indeed, the two production plant save 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide and reduce nitrogen emissions by 90%, the equivalent of 260,900 new trees planted, or 63 thousand cars less in circulation.

(in Euro thousands)Year 2017Year 2016
Operating revenues 14,718 15,892
EBITDA 1,704 1,600
EBIT 609 219