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We are committed on all fronts to the challenge of fully respecting the environment. We work to make our airports increasingly sustainable, promoting the responsible use of all natural resources.

To counteract climate change, European airports initiated the Airport Carbon Accreditation project in 2009, setting the principal goal of cutting CO2 emissions.

SEA was among the first airport operators to join the Airport Carbon Accreditation project, and is among the most advanced in terms of results achieved.

Through technological innovation, process optimization and information and awareness raising campaigns, we are making airports sustainable.

Our airports are certified Carbon Neutral according to Airport Carbon Accreditation

In order to reduce our Carbon Footprint of CO2 emissions, produced directly or indirectly by our business activities, SEA is acting on reducing all the different forms of energy consumption, such as lighting, winter heating, summer air conditioning and vehicles used.

58,589 tons less CO2 emissions as well as an important economic saving of over Euro 13 million.

The energy saving actions that we have been taking for years at Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate have led to a reduction of 147 thousand MWh in terms of electricity consumption, with direct environmental benefits, such as 58,589 tons less CO2 emissions, equivalent to 1 million petrol cars driving approximately 58,000 km each, as well as an important economic saving of over Euro 13 million.

CO2 emissions at the two Milanese airports

Milan Malpensa airport

Milan Malpensa airport

Milan Linate airport

Milan Linate airport

Water Footprint: airports and water consumption

The exploitation of water resources is one of the main themes of the future: responsible water consumption is one of our top priorities

The airports of Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate are independent in terms of water supply: Malpensa consumes 2,586,136 m3/year, while Linate consumes 1,450,084 m3/year (drinking water).

Our goal is to reduce consumption by at least 2.5% every year

Our goal is to reduce consumption by at least 2.5% every year, equivalent to 134 million laundry washes, or 33 million showers.

Milan Linate Airport has been used as a test area for the international Waternomics project, the results of which will lead to a significant reduction in water consumption over the next five years. And we are already planning to implement the same policy at Malpensa Airport.

Milano Linate is involved in the WATERNOMICS project to significantly reduce water consumption over a 5-year period.


With 24 permanent and 6 mobile stations, our aeronautical noise monitoring network is among the most extensive and accurate in Italy

Airports make noisy neighbours. We are well aware of this and do our best to keep this aspect under control. SEA has one of the most extensive and accurate aeronautical noise monitoring networks in Italy, with as many as 24 permanent and 6 mobile stations providing data certified by the Italian Regional Environmental Protection Agency (ARPA). This ensures noise is constantly monitored by the airport commission as part of research into solutions to reduce the impact of noise on the territory.