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Milan never stops, and neither do we

Passengers, staff, cargo, the community, the market:
our work focuses on all aspects.

Key data

The development strategy we have put in place, following Alitalia’s dehubbing from Malpensa in 2008, has allowed us to mitigate all risks to the stability of the airport system.

This gave the city the reliable response it needed.

It hasn’t been easy, but after the great push of recent years, our airport system can support the traffic of people and cargo demanded by the greater interest in the city of Milan.

Today, we have the responsibility to achieve results, because we are called to be the point of contact between this territory and the world, in a moment that sees Milan, for the first time in recent history, establish itself among the top-ten most attractive cities globally.

The following numbers show more than our growth, they show our constant commitment to the territory that is our home and that we are proud to serve every single day.

Passenger traffic

31.5 milioni



5th in Europe

in cargo traffic volumes


57,614 hours

of training


204 international

& domestic destinations reachable


380 airports

reachable same-day from our airport system

Net Profit

€ 84.1 million



€ 243 million


Operating revenues

€ 697.7 million



€ 85 million


Intercontinental passengers

5.8 million

+ 5.7%

* net of non-recurring items, the net profit would grow 24.4%